Nifty hovering at 10400+ level

With the market being at all-time high, some investors are becoming more optimistic and some are becoming very cautious.

Today we will see market position doesn’t create wealth but the emerging or growing business definitely does. Let us see what market is?

Nifty is an aggregated index of top 50 companies listed on NSE. Whereas Sensex is aggregated index of top 30 companies listed on BSE. The selection of these top companies is monitored regularly and updated at frequent intervals. In a year indices have a minimum of 4 updates in the list of companies.

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Do not let market to make investment decision for you. There are plenty of companies which are still undervalued in much hyped over-valuations.

Market are indices which are bound to attain higher levels. They grow with the economy and the earning of the comprising companies. But sometimes market grow at a higher pace without the growth in earning of the companies. Most of the investors start becoming optimistic about the future growth of the companies.

Now you know when the market is at all time high then companies comprising the index may be reasonably valued or over-valued. But NSE has over 5000+ listed companies and some of the companies are still undervalued. As an investor, your job is to find such companies and study them. If the companies pass all your tests then you can definitely invest in the same.

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Freely available resources for fundamental analysis

  1. MoneyControl app and website: will give you news update and financial data of various companies.
  2. Will help you in a detailed fundamental analysis of the company, also provide export to excel option.
  3. Stock Edge app: A power pack app, help you to technical analysis, provides various scan help you in making better trading decisions.

Investment requires patience and hard work. So always invest for long term.