Today, In this post we will see what are the market timings for STOCK EXCHANGES (NSE or BSE) in India.

Market function on all days except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays declared by them. In markets, there are 2 types of sessions.

1.Pre-Open Session: During the starting of this session  (9:00-9:07 hrs), you can place your order but it will be in pending state. After the closing of pre-open order entry (9:08 hrs) your orders will start executing.  You will not make any changes to your order after 9:08 hrs till 9:15.

Order entry & modification Open : 09:00 Hrs
Order entry & modification Close : 09:08 Hrs

2. Regular Trading Session: This session functions from 9:15 hrs to 15:30 hrs. You can place or modify your order during this time.

Normal / Limited Physical Market Open: 09:15 Hrs
Normal / Limited Physical Market Close: 15:30 Hrs

Apart from these 2 sessions, there is a Block deal session for High Net Worth Investors between 09:15 hrs and 09:50 Hrs.


IPO market session timings are different from regular session timing.

1. IPO Pre Open Session: 9:45-9:59 Hrs

2. IPO Trading Session: 10:00-15:30 Hrs

Key take away 

  1. The pre-open session is very volatile and can give face signals regarding the number of buyer and sellers. Unless it is not very much necessary, do not place your order during the pre-open session.
  2. You can place AMO (After Market Order) if you want to participate in pre-opening but do not want to place an order during (9:00-9:07 hrs).

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Market Holidays

Source: NSE Website