Top performing Mutual Funds

Selecting a Mutual fund is a very tough call for any investor who is looking for long-term wealth building. With more than 30+ AMC out there, it is very difficult for any investor to even select any Mutual fund.

A mutual fund is a very good financial instrument and an investor could start investing from as low as Rs 500. By default equity, mutual funds returns have always beaten by other financial instruments like PF, Fixed deposits etc. But Equity Mutual are never meant for short-term investment like 1-2 years. Equity Mutual funds always work well with long-term investment.

Today we will discuss how an investor could select a TOP Performing Mutual Fund. While doing any financial planning for future it is advisable to use experts opinion. Experts usually consider many criteria while assigning any rating to Mutual Fund.

There are various ways of ranking mutual funds in India. These are the certain agencies which provide mutual fund ratings: CRISIL, Value Research Online, MoneyControl.

Mutual fund ranking by CRISIL

CRISIL is a global analytical company providing ratings, research, and risk and policy advisory services. CRISIL ranks the mutual fund using its 3 year NAV history. The performance periods which is used in calculation of ratings are

Equity, Debt, Guilt funds: 3 Years

Liquid, Ultra short-term Debt, short-term income: 1 Year.

Ranking Structure of CRISIL

Rank 1: Very good performance

Rank 2: Good performance

Rank 3: Average performance

Rank 4: Below average performance

Rank 5: Weak performance

Some of the top-rated mutual funds by CRISIL

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Mutual Fund ranking by Value Research Online

Value research online ratings use a purely quantitative method of rating without any subjective component. Therefore is measures both returns and the risk involved in the financial instrument. The performance periods which is used in calculation of ratings are

Equity, Hybrid Funds: 2 years

Comparision for Risk rating: 3 and 5 Year

Debt Fund: 18 Month weekly risk-adjusted performance

Rating structure of funds

5 Star: Very good performance

4 Star

3 Star

2 Star

1 Star: Below average performance

Top Mutual funds from Value Research Online

Morningstar Mutual fund rating

Morningstar, Inc. is an investment research and investment management firm. It also provides mutual fund rating and uses the same method for evaluating different mutual funds.

Top Mutual funds from Morningstar


Morning start

Value research online


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