Portfolio Assessment Service by DallalStreetInvestor

Under this service, we will evaluate and guide you on your portfolio so that you can filter out garbage stocks.

We will also help you to reach your financial goals easily.

What does our service include?

  • A thorough analysis of your portfolio.
  • Proper exit strategies (aim is to minimise losses and not to increase them)
  • Some short and long-term picks, for your portfolio.

You will not be given a rational without justification, we check the companies by different criteria
Some of criteria used by us are

  1. Financial
  2. Sector trend
  3. Mutual funds holdings
  4. Block deals/ promoter acquisition
  5. Peer evaluation
  6. Technical analysis for proper entry and exit in stock.

We have seen investors holding 40+ stocks in their portfolio, some recos from Quora, some from Telegram and some random picks. An investor does not need 40+ companies in his/ her portfolio to create wealth. Most retail investors buy stock on tips and do not book profits or losses at the proper time which results in wealth erosion.

Indian market is at a turning point, many of the small or micro caps will create wealth in the future but many of them could also destroy your complete wealth.

Our service is available at Rs 1000/- only and we usually take 4-7 days for a proper analysis of the portfolio. If you have any queries, drop us an email at jalaj@dallalstreetinvestor.com or message us here

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