Gone are those days where investors used to buy a stock and sit tight for 5 to 10 years. Old investment decisions with  saggy advisors are thing of past. Stock markets have evolved a lot in last decade and it is not like buy and forget now. Present time, Buy a stock, keep reviewing it, Book profit and exit on time.

Do not let your emotions control your investment decisions and do not love or hate any stock. 

Today I was reading one story on Facebook and wanted to share it with new investors.

A person retired from my 35 years Services in 2006 and received Rs. 60 Lakhs from my Company towards consolidated Retirement benefits.

That was the time when he came in contact with a Leading Share broker and Investment Advisor.

Influenced by his LONG TERM VALUE INVESTING THEORY IN GREAT STOCKS OF EQUITY MARKETS, then sit tight, forget the investments for a few years – to SEE THE REAL GROWTH, he made an ” S.I.P. type ” buying in the Shares of following BLUE CHIP Companies, investing Rs.10 Lakhs in EACH Stock as and when recommended.. (total savings INVESTED Rs.80 Lakhs).

1. Year 2007 : RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS @ Rs.730.00 a share.

“Reason” given: Largest investor/ fastest growing in the Telecom Sector.

2. Year 2008 : VIDEOCON @ Rs. 755.00 a Share.

“Reason” Largest Player in Electronics with their TV and other Products finding a place in most of The Indian Homes and tremendous Growth Potential of Consumer Goods.

3. Year 2009: JP ASSOCIATES @ Rs. 260 .00 a Share.

“Reason”: fastest growing

The company in Cement, Power and Infrastructure – all key growth drivers in India.

Also, the Chairman Mr.Jp Gaur getting the Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by ET and E & Y.

4. Year 2010-11: JINDAL STEEL & POWER

@ Rs. 3200/= a Share.

The Investment firm said the NAME of MR.NAVIN JINDAL, MP, as the sole reason for this most profitable Steel giant to maintain FUTURE VALUE CREATION.

As I was not getting the desired results, I changed my INVESTMENT ADVISOR in 2012 and on his Recommendations,

further invested for LONG TERM in the following Shares (in S.l.P. style to prevent any risk) with the assurance of Earlier LOSSES being covered adequately by New buying.

5. Year 2011-12: UNITECH LTD. @ 105 .00

REASON: not only one of the biggest builder, but

Leading Investment Firms rated this Company as the FASTEST / LARGEST WEALTH CREATOR.

6. Year 2013: Dr.REDDY

@ Rs. 3380.00

Reason: in PHARMA name required no reason

7. Year 2014 -15 :

i) LUPIN @ 1700/-

ii) SUN PHARMA @ Rs.1175/-

Reason: LUPIN being the fastest growing PHARMA Company in developed Countries like USA and JAPAN while SUN PHARMA needed no introduction.

The CEO of Sun Pharma Mr.D.Sanghwi was reported as occupying the position of “RICHEST

INDIAN” by replacing Mr.Mukesh Ambani to 2nd Position.

Today, the value a Share of these TOP and ONCE MOST RESPECTED Companies are :

Reliance Communication @ Rs. 13/-,

Videocon @ Rs. 13/-

Jp Associates @ Rs. 18/-

Jindal @ Rs. 172/-

Unitech @ Rs. 6.30/-

Dr.Reddy’s @ Rs. 2285/-

Lupin@ Rs. 832/- and

Sun Pharma @Rs. 549/- .”

This story of LONG TERM INVESTING(10 years) only shows that ” Share Markets are full of RISK, No Company is SAFE and Losses can eat ANY RECOMMENDATION.”

THE GENTLEMAN, today 70 years of age, also warned that ” it was his GREED combined with his Broker’s ADVICE only, that restricted him selling shares at some reasonable rates in ANTICIPATION of Future upward corrections.”

In conclusion one can only say the GURU MANTRA ” don’t keep all the Eggs in One Basket” and also the Fact that


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