I have occurred huge loss in Satin CreditCare, due to my impatience and following advice from others without my own discretion.

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I lost around Rs 10,000 in Satin because of my immaturity in the stock market.

Take a look at the Satin CreditCare price trend in last 3 years.

My journey in Satin CreditCare

I invested in satin in Feb 2017 with around Rs 9,000. That was sort of peak of this stock. Being a novice investor, I keep on averaging out as soon as stock decreases 10 points. At Jun 2017 My invested price in satin was around 38,000 with a current value as 28,000.

Satin works in the micro-finance sector and it was demonetization hugely affected its business. It posted huge losses in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 from profitable quarters in 2017. Being a small firm there was not much of news and data available on the web apart from Annual reports.

I was getting impatience and sad to see such a huge loss on my portfolio. As of this saying,I was not willing to accept any further decline in the stock price. So I took a big decision, to exit from Satin @ 270 in early Jun 2017.

But to my huge surprise, the next day Satin Credit Care’s price climbed around 7%. And in last 5 months, it has grown 50% from the exit price.

On that day I learned a lesson, hard way.

For the people who what to jump into the overwhelming place of creating wealth. Some of my observations during my investments are

  1. To every new investor out there, first, decide your time frame of investing.
  2. You should ask yourself whether you are a Trader or an Investor. If you are not sure about this, please refrain yourself from investing, you are bound to lose money.
  3. An Investor should do his own research and invest for long term.
  4. Do not get panicked by the short-term volatility of the stock.
  5. Do not just sell a stock because it’s share price has fallen because Markets are uncertain and they will be uncertain.

This is why Investing is art rather than just science.

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