FundsIndia (est. 2009) is an online investment website headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The website is owned by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. They provide investment services like corporate fixed deposits, Stocks and bonds.

Their main business is providing Mutual funds investment services. Now let’s discuss what are the services available on their platform.

Mutual Funds

  1. Service: They do not charge anything for their advisory services. Instead, their profits are distributed by the AMC in which an investor will invest.
  2. You can start SIP with just a click and everything is automatically processed.
  3. Manage and view every investment with just a click. Their platform is cool and offers good features.
  4. They quarterly release set of recommended funds and also offer the report on the same on their website.
  5. Robo advisor: Their artificial assistance which can help you to plan your financial goals.
  6. You can get personalized assistance with their experts available via call or email.
  7. Blog: FundsIndia regularly manages a blog where their experts have written a useful set of articles relevant to mutual funds and investing.
  8. All the transfer of funds is automated, the first time you need to set up a bank mandate with them.

Their mutual fund platform

The summary of the invested mutual funds

The selected funds by them

FundsIndia Robo advisory platform

The blog which is regularly maintained by them


Trading & Demat Services

  1. FundsIndia has a very basic trading platform which is meant for the users who are interested for long term investing. Their platform does not provide any charting for the stocks.
  2. They are only registered with BSE, therefore you can only buy and sell in stocks available on BSE.
  3. They do not offer to trade in the derivatives segment. Therefore, you cannot trade in futures and options.
  4. The prices of stocks on their platform is delayed by 1 Min which is very inconvenient for investors.
  5. They offer 5 margin day where an investor can buy stocks on margin offered by them for 5 days.

The fee structure of demat and trading platform


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How effective are their investment advice?

FundsIndia is more inclined towards Do It Yourself platform. Still, whenever personalized assistance is needed they offer the same. If you want them to create a portfolio based on your needs then they will definitely recommend. And list you the investment products suitable for your needs. The quality of support they offer is good and you can contact them via their website. Whenever any investor opens up an account with them, they provide him with a qualified advisor whom he can reach out for any of the investment queries.

Some investors don’t like to open up Regular mutual funds with FundsIndia. But in, the reality it depends on the investors’ needs and the efforts needed by him to create a well-diversified portfolio by himself. At the same time, an investor can manage all his investment from a single platform and can also rebalance if needed.

How to open an account with them?

You can sign-up their platform using this link. Once you complete the basic registration online, they will reach out to you via email or call. In case you are living in a metro city, they will send someone to collect the physical forms in 1 or 2 days. If you are not living in a metro city then you need to fill up and post the forms to their Chennai address. Their customer support is very good and they will help you in case you need them.

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