Where To Start?

In this post, I will list down all my post in a chronological manner. This post will help new readers to learn about the market in step by manner. We will also cover some fundamental investing topic in a later section

Let’s start with basics

  1.       An Introduction to Stock Market
  2.       What are SENSEX and Nifty 50?
  3.       Why the stock market exists?
  4.       Why stock prices changes?
  5.       Are stock markets a gamble?
  6.      Dark & Bright side of investing in the stock market
  7.       What is the fundamental analysis for beginners?


  1.       What should you know about an IPO?
  2.       What are different types of issues in IPO?
  3.       Know about HNI, QIB & RII
  4.       What is GMP and KOSTAK Rates?
  5.       If you planning to invest in IPO, what are the must-know facts?
  6.       How to identify and pick right IPO stock?
  7.       How can a company be listed on stock market without an IPO?

Advanced Investing Guide

  1.       All you should know about PE ratio
  2.       Does higher price stock offer less return on investment?
  3.       Screener tips for investors
  4.       How portfolio manager hedges their portfolio?
  5.       What are circuit filters & why an investor knows about them?
  6.       How many shares do you need to buy for the price to go up?
  7.       Charges levied when you buy or sell a stock
  8.       How to sell a stock which is hitting continuous Lower circuit?
  9.       Risk factors associated with BTST
  10.       Planning to diversify your portfolio, think twice
  11.       Your stock tanked 10%, why you should not average out?
  12.       What does stock delivery mean in the market?